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Dermdoc HR

Dermdoc HR

VideoDermatoscop DermDoc HR
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    The distinguishing feature of DermDOC is its specially developed system electronics in a portable box. This economically efficient one-camera system meets the different requirements of ELM-, macro and even close-up imaging in HD Quality. Thanks to the worldwide-patented technique of light polarization dermatoscopic examinations can be done without the use of immersion fluids. The integrated LED light in the macro-imaging mode allows putting the camera directly onto the skin for taking close-up and clinical images. 

    DermDOC HR is developed as trickle-down design from MoleMax HD system. The system uses the same camera technology as MoleMax HD but the HD Quality Live Video is provided over USB 3 cable for easy connection to a third party desktop computer or a laptop after easy self-installation. It is compatible with any Windows 7 or newer computer equipped with USB 3.


    • Portable Video System 
    • Polarized ELM Illumination 
    • HD Quality Image 
    • True Digital Image transfer without conversion 
    • Autofocus 
    • Real Time Zooming 
    • From Overview to Clinical Images 
    • Variable Magnification 
    • Automatic mode switching between Macro and Micro Application 
    • Camera Cable exchangeable 
    • Easy Self Installation 
    • To be connected to any mutimedia PC or notebook via USB 3 and USB 2 cable

    The DermDOC HR advantages at a glance:

    • No immersion oil or contact fluids for digital dermatoscopy required thanks to the patented cross polarization illumination 
    • High Definition Image transfer to the computer digitally without conversions or any other quality loss 
    • Integrated mouse in camera for easy software control and handling 
    • User friendly system, allows equipment to be operated from the camera during examinations 
    • Automatic recognition of ELM or macro imaging mode ensures fast and easy operation 
    • Logical linking of macro, close up and ELM image as well as additional import of histopathological images 
    • Reliable software, proved by more then 3000 users all over the world
    Networkable with any other MoleMax system
    amera Specifications: 
    Effective picture elements: Approx. 2,000,000 pixels 
    Video signal: HD: 720p 
    Lens: 10x zoom (F1.8 to F2.1) 
    f=5.1 mm (WIDE) to 51 mm (TELE) 
    Zoom movement speed: 
    Optical WIDE/Optical TELE Approx. 1.0 sec 
    Optical WIDE/Digital 4x TELE Approx. 1.5 sec 
    Optical Wide/Digital 4x TELE Approx. 0.5 sec 
    Focus movement time: âˆž to Near Approx 0.1 sec 
    Digital zoom: unused 
    Angle of view (H): Approx. 50 degree (WIDE end) to Approx. 5.4 degree (TELE end) (When an HD or SD (SQUEEZE) signal is output) 
    Minimum object distance: 10 mm (WIDE end), 800 mm (TELE end) 
    Minimum illumination (Typical): 12 lux (F1.8) with 50 IRE 1.0 lux ICR On (F1.8) with 50 IRE 
    Recommended illumination: 100 to 100,000 lux 
    S/N Ratio: 50 dB or more 
    Electronic shutter speed: 1/2 to 1/10000 sec. (21 steps) 
    Focus: Full Auto (Normal AF/Interval AF/ Zoom Trigger AF) 
    One Push Trigger/Manual/Infinity/Near Limit setting 
    White balance: Auto WB/Indoor/Outdoor/One Push WB/Manual WB 
    Gain: Auto/Manual (-3 to +18 dB, 8 steps) 
    AE Control: Full Auto/Shutter Priority/Iris Priority/Manual/Bright/Spot AE 
    Exposure compensation: +/- 10.5 dB (15 steps in a unit of 1.5 dB) 
    Backlight Compensation: ON/OFF 
    Aperture control: 16 steps 
    Video output: HD: USB3 
    Cable with single plug connection, 250 cm 
    Built in mouse control device (Microsoft-track stick and mouse buttons) 
    Close-up illumination feature with SMD LED light 
    Movement On-Off Sensor and automatical ELM/Macro mode recognition

    Minimum PC or Laptop Requirements: 

    Microsoft Windows 7 or later, USB 2 and USB 3 Connection, Full HD Screen, Graphic display adapter capable of 1920 x 1080 True Color, 1 GB free hard drive space, CD-ROM Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, DirectX 9 or newer installed

    General Technical Data:  
    The DermDOC HR system may be connected to any properly grounded outlet, which is secured with a 16A fuse (except of explosive dangerous areas).  
    Nominal Voltage: 110/230V AC, 50 Hz, 1,9/1,1A  
    Power Consumption: max. 100 W  
    Bigger Casing:
    Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 35 cm (W/L/H);  
    Weight: ca. 5 
Informații Suplimentare

    Informații Suplimentare

    Short Description VideoDermatoscop DermDoc HR
    Mod Livrare Prin curier sau reprezentant
    Comanda Minima 1 bucata
    Timp Livrare Livrare in 30 de zile
    Domeniu Medical Medicina Generala
    Pret 66.640,00 RON
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